5 Tips of Caring for Your Clothes

1. Spot For Well-Made Clothing

Note that higher prices do not always guarantee for the high-quality. You can look for high-quality stitching and fabric. like natural fibre or repurpose materials; such as cotton, linen, tencel, recycled fabrics or upcycled materials.

2. Cold Wash and Air-Dry

Hot water ≠ Cleaner

30ºC or less water temperature and air-dry is the most gentle to treat in any type of fibers content. Not only made your garments last longer and also use up less 40% of energy.

3. Eco-friendly or Zero waste laundry detergent

such as soap nuts or look for zero waste laundry detergent nearby you;
Here is the list in Asia:
In Hong Kong,
In Taiwan,
In Singapore, 
In Japan, 
In Malaysia
In Bangkok, Thailand

4. Don't Ignore the Care Labels

There are just a couple of potential outcomes from not following the care instructions. High temperatures of washing and ironing can occur discoloured, shrinkage and damaged to the garments. Even the way how you air-dry to your garments and can effecting it longer lasting. such as knit material must need dry flat.


5. Make Repair and Alteration

Try to fix it instead of throw away. 

Check out Fashion Clinic, they repair, and redesign preloved items to extend longer lasting for your items; their services are not only clothing, and also including accessories such as rings and hat pieces.