Where Did The Textile Waste Go?

A huge mountain of new faux fur jackets. I spotted it abandoned on the side of the road near the trash bins in NT, HK.

This is a perfect example to show the consequences of cheap materials, labor and overproduction by fast fashion brands. After seeing this happens in the real-life, would not even surprise that the textile waste can be more than the report said "The equivalent of one garbage truck of textile wasted is landfilled every second."

Like many aspects of sustainability , this is related to the overall impact of our daily actions. Including our purchase decision. Look for "recycling, reusing, repeating, re-maintaining". Fashion should not be disposable, Do you think the same?


可持續發展其實有許多方面, 這與我們日常行動的整體影響有關。 包括我們的購買決定。 尋找“回收,再利用,重新利用,重複,重新維護”。時尚不應該是一次性的, 你應不應同?