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Who We Are

Róu So is a contemporary fashion brand based in Hong Kong that was launched in July 2021. Our brand is deeply committed to sustainability and embraces a radical approach to fashion. We specialize in designing comfortable, effortless, and chic silhouettes for women of all shapes and sizes, using surplus fabric, recycled materials, and natural fiber fabrics.

Our brand name, "柔" pronounced as "Róu" in Chinese, translates to "softly" and "gently" in English. This name exemplifies our company's mindset towards our products, customers, and the planet. We believe in creating a harmonious balance between style, sustainability, and compassion.

Our Journey

Our founder and creative director, Sophie Cheng, has always had a passion for fashion design. After graduating with a BFA degree from the San Francisco Academy of Art, she immersed herself in the fashion scenes of New York and Los Angeles, working alongside renowned designers and teams, including Alexander Wang and Jonathan Simkhai.

During her time visiting manufacturers, Sophie witnessed firsthand the wasteful practices prevalent in the industry. She was dismayed by the vast quantities of leftover fabrics and dead stock that were discarded in landfills or incinerated, with little consideration for the environment. Motivated to make a change, she established her own ethical and inclusive label, committed to creating beautiful, well-made garments with respect for people and the Earth. Róu was born from the belief that the fashion industry can be transformed through a new perspective and a commitment to sustainability.

Our Mission

At Róu, our business goes beyond the garments we create. We deeply care about our impact on customers and the planet, and we strive to drive lasting positive change at every level, from design and production to the individuals it reaches.

Our vision is to celebrate and empower women of all ages, races, and backgrounds by offering chic and sustainable garments that not only fit and flatter but also contribute to a healthier planet. We firmly believe in the future of circular fashion and are excited to be a part of this transformative change.

Our Team

Róu So is led by a small team of passionate, creative, and forward-thinking individuals who possess extensive knowledge in sustainable fashion design, textile upcycling, and local fashion systems.

Our ethical values are deeply ingrained in our company culture. We prioritize employee well-being, diversity, and ensure mutual benefit, respect, and fair compensation for all. We believe that a positive work environment fosters creativity and enables us to deliver the best possible products to our customers.

The Design Process

By moving away from the fast fashion model, we have embraced a design process that allows for more creativity and exploration. We enthusiastically embrace this challenge!

Our team meticulously searches through large volumes of pre-consumer textile waste from garment factories and mills to handpick the highest quality remnants. We draw inspiration from the available materials, resulting in unique designs that reflect our commitment to reducing our eco-footprint at every step of the process.

Due to the limited availability of these sourced fabrics, many of our designs are produced in limited quantities. This ensures that our customers receive one-of-a-kind and mindfully crafted pieces that stand the test of time.

In the future, we plan to expand our collection to include fabrics made with certified organic natural fibers, further enhancing our commitment to sustainability.

Our Future

We are on an ongoing journey of continuous improvement to reduce our impact on the planet and give back to our community and customers. We firmly believe that great things are achieved through a series of small steps, and we are grateful for your support in this mission. When you purchase one of our pieces, you are casting a vote for a better world, and we are honored to have you as part of this movement. Together, we can create a more sustainable and compassionate future.