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As the second most polluting industry on the planet, fashion has a lot to answer for. There’s a lot to be done but we believe in collective action and are committed to being part of the change.  Our strong environmental, social, and fair trade values form the foundation for each facet of our creative process from design, material sourcing, and production. 
Our journey to sustainability is ongoing and every step counts towards the bigger goal. 




  Up/Recycling Collection

Our landfills are overflowing with textile waste! According to Redress, Hong Kong generates a whopping 392 tons of textile waste per day.
Only 15% gets recycled while the rest is incinerated or thrown away. Textile waste can take more than 200 years to break down, leaching toxic chemicals into ground water and generating methane, a greenhouse gas that is 86 to 105 times more powerful than carbon.
Róu is on a mission to rescue this waste.
We reinvent and repurpose leftover fabrics and morph them into beautiful, stylish and one-of-a-kind pieces. Our products are made from a carefully curated selection of sustainable materials including organic, recycled and plant-based fibers which come from over-produced inventory, leftover fabrics, and trim waste from manufacturers and fabric mills. The materials are tested for durability, comfort and style to meet our high standards. 
Using recycled materials instead of virgin ones supports the development of a circular economy and saves water, energy, raw materials and other precious resources. There’s something magical about taking something unwanted and turning it into something beautiful.


Our Swimwear Collection

Plastic pollution is a serious issue. At least 8 million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean each year and more than half comes for single-use plastic bottles.

We love our oceans and want to help clean them up!

Our entire swimwear collection is made from REPREVE ®, a nylon fibre made from 100% recycled plastic (mostly water bottles).

It includes seamless designs and stunning wearable prints to appeal to women who want to look fabulous in and out of the water.

The pieces have been sampled in all body shapes for maximum comfort, support and style, they last longer than normal swimwear fabrics and have the added bonus of being resistant to chlorine and UV light.

They are also gentle on skin and 100% free of harmful chemicals! By using REPREVE, Róu has diverted hundreds of thousands of bottles from landfills.

Pre-order system

Textile overproduction is rampant in the fashion world and fast fashion is behind it. In the past, there were only two fashion seasons: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, but today, the fashion industry is churning out dozens of seasons per year with the goal of making consumers buy as many garments as possible!
It’s estimated that 30% of clothes are not sold which results in wasted fabric, water, energy, environmental impacts and more.
Our preorder system is our solution to this problem.
Using a make-to-order model gives our customers the most sustainable way of buying fashion and minimizes the possibility of waste and oversupply.
This allows us to craft bespoke size-inclusive pieces that our customers will cherish for years to come.
Each piece starts printing and sewing right after you place the order. It can take up to 20 working days to make your pieces and ship out to you. It’s worth the wait and helps to keep our sustainable business viable in the long run.
Pre-order | Here now.

Fair production

The fashion industry has earned a bad reputation for its exploitative practices which include child labor, poor wages, health and safety risks as well as environmental degradation

We are committed to ethical production and are taking the necessary steps to prevent these issues by working with local suppliers and taking a hands-on approach in our work.

Our designs are based in Hong Kong, and our garments are proudly produced next door in Shenzhen, China. We have close relationships with our local manufacturers, many of whom have worked with the company since its founding in 2020.

Local production allows us to evaluate our development and production processes and push for practices that better align with our sustainability ethos—including low-impact dying, carbon reduction initiatives and small-batch production that reduces waste. 

We also closely monitor working conditions to ensure workers are paid appropriately and have a safe and fair working environment.

Local production drastically reduces transportation costs and carbon emissions which helps us to reach our ambitious net-zero goals.

By supporting local manufacturers, we are able to create high quality and ethical garments that have a positive impact on communities, and that our customers can be proud of.


Slow fashion system

We align with the ethos of the slow fashion movement which encourages slower and ethical production as well as product longevity.

Instead of making seasonal collections, we aim for timeless, multi-functional clothing based on demand.

 we only produce two seasons annually dedicating more time to designing high quality garments, making sure we’re leaving a small a footprint as possible.

The end result is beautifully designed, well-fitted, versatile clothes that are sustainable, durable and built to last!

 Waste and end-life

Fashion is notorious for its over-reliance on plastic packaging which has devastating effects on the environment. A typical online retail order would often include polyester bags, plastic –lined boxes with Styrofoam peanuts for extra cushioning--all of this ends up somewhere!

Plastic bags and packaging are some of the dangerous waste items in the ocean for wildlife such as whales, dolphins, turtles and sea birds. If we don’t take an active stance against plastic pollution, things could get worse.

At Róu, our sustainability efforts cover all ends of the supply chain – including how our products are packaged. We strive to safeguard resources, protect our natural environment and to minimize waste by using as little plastic as possible.

We are proud to use zero-waste packaging for all our shipping.

Our paper tags are from uncoated cardboard box and our packaging & shipping bags are made out of plants.

They are both plastic free, biodegradable, compostable and locally produced.


We are always striving to do better…

Sustainability is a journey. We haven’t figured it all out, but we continue to learn every day.

We’re proud of our efforts but we know there’s a long way to go before we become a truly sustainable brand.

We’re constantly evaluating our processes to align with our vision of a world without waste.

Through transparency, creativity and innovation, we hope to be part of the change we wish to see in the industry.

Together, we can work towards a circular fashion future.


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