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5 Tips of Caring for Your Clothes

1. Spot For Well-Made Clothing Note that higher prices do not always guarantee for the high-quality. You can look for high-quality stitching and fabric. like natural fibre or repurpose materials; such as cotton, linen, tencel, recycled fabrics or upcycled materials. 2. Cold Wash and Air-Dry Hot water ≠ Cleaner 30ºC or less water temperature and air-dry is the most gentle to treat in any type of fibers content. Not only made your garments last longer and also use up less 40% of energy. 3. Eco-friendly or Zero waste laundry detergent such as soap nuts or look for zero waste laundry detergent nearby you; Here is the list in Asia: In Hong Kong, at Slowood, Livezero, Livelylife, Ecostore In Taiwan, at In Singapore, ...


Where Did The Textile Waste Go?

A huge mountain of new faux fur jackets. I spotted it abandoned on the side of the road near the trash bins in NT, HK.This is a perfect example to show the consequences of cheap materials, labor and overproduction by fast fashion brands. After seeing this happens in the real-life, would not even surprise that the textile waste can be more than the report said "The equivalent of one garbage truck of textile wasted is landfilled every second." Like many aspects of sustainability , this is related to the overall impact of our daily actions. Including our purchase decision. Look for "recycling, reusing, repeating, re-maintaining". Fashion should not be disposable, Do you think the same?-色彩毛毛外套山!全部係新的。在香港新界的路邊垃圾桶旁發現的。這是一個完美的例子,可以顯示出快速時尚品牌使用廉價材料,人工和過度生產所帶來的後果。在現實生活中看到這種情況發生後,甚至還不足為奇,浪費的衣物或布料有可能已經多於該報告稱的“相當於每秒浪費一輛紡織廢品的垃圾車每秒都被填埋”。 可持續發展其實有許多方面, 這與我們日常行動的整體影響有關。 包括我們的購買決定。 尋找“回收,再利用,重新利用,重複,重新維護”。時尚不應該是一次性的, 你應不應同?