Who we are

     Róu So is a Hong Kong-based contemporary fashion brand with a radical commitment to sustainability which launched in July, 2020. We design comfortable, effortless and chic silhouettes for women of all shapes and sizes using up/recycled and natural fibre fabrics. 
Our brand name - "” pronounced "Róu" in Chinese means softly and gently in English- exemplifies our company’s mindset towards our products, customers and the planet.

Our journey

Our founder and creative director, Sophie Cheng've been always passionate in fashion design. After she graduated BFA degree from San Francisco Academy of Art, She moved to New York and Los Angeles’s fashion scene working alongside designers and teams including Alexander Wang and Jonathan Simkhai. 

During visiting the manufacture, she witnessed the dreadful wasteful practices of the industry first-hand. Enormous quantities of leftover fabrics and dead stock were sent to landfill or incinerated on a daily basis with little regard for the environment.

Inspired to make a change, established her own ethical and inclusive label which now creates beautiful well-made garments with respect to people and the earth.

Róu grew with the belief that it was possible to bring a new light and perspective to the industry.

Our mission

Our business is more than the garments we make- we care deeply about our impact on customers and our planet. We want to drive lasting positive change at every level from design and production to the people it reaches.
Our vision is to celebrate and empower women of all ages, races, and backgrounds with chic and sustainable garments that not only fit and flatter but are good for the earth. We believe the future of fashion is circular and we’re excited to be part of that transformational change.

Our team

Róu is run by a small team of passionate, creative and forward-thinking individuals with extensive knowledge in sustainable fashion design, textile upcycling and local fashion systems.

Our ethical values are deeply embedded in our company culture- we emphasize employee wellbeing and diversity as well as mutual benefit, respect, and fair compensation for all. 

The design process

Moving away from the fast fashion model of manufacturing has left more room for creativity and exploration, and we are happy to take on the challenge!
Our team scours through large volumes of pre-consumer textile waste from large garment factories and mills to select the highest quality remnants. We take on different looks, often getting inspiration from the materials available and take pride in consciously reducing our eco-footprint at every step in the process. 
Because of the amount of fabric we are able to source, many of our designs are produced in limited quantities which means that our customers get more unique and mindfully crafted pieces that stand the test of time.
In the future, we are going to including fabrics made with recycled materials & organic proved natural fibre fabrics into our collection.

Our future

We are on a journey of continuous improvements to reduce our impact on the planet, and give back to our community and customers. 
We believe great things are done in a series of small steps and you are a part of that mission! When you buy one of our pieces, you’re casting a vote for a better world. 


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