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01) Coffee Date Interview with @Classifiedcloset ☕️

01) Coffee Date Interview with @Classifiedcloset ☕️

Welcome to our first “Coffee Date Interview”. At our coffee date we invite different influential people in the sustainable fashion industry to share their stories, fashion and sustainability. 

       Shirley @Classifiedcloset wears the dress by Róu So


We finally met up with Shirley, also named as @Classifiedcloset on instagram. She is a American born Chinese content creator based out of Southern California. @Classifiedcloset is all about sustainable lifestyle, fashion, and travel.

She had been traveling to Asia the past few weeks and Hong Kong was her last stop. We invited her to a Hong Kong style cafe located in Yau Ma Tei. We started our conversation while enjoying our pineapple bun and egg tart. ◡̈


1.How and why did you get  into sustainable content creation in fashion and beauty?

January of 2020 was really a big turning point for me. I was thinking about doing another closet clean out (after having just done one a few months ago) and was shocked at how many clothes I had accumulated. It also had to do with the online influencer space at the time, new clothing, outfits, and hauls were praised and it wasn’t normal to show repeating outfits. But it’s the true reality of my actual life!! I felt that I wasn’t conveying the right message to my audience and wanted to change that.

2. Name 3 things that you enjoy being as a content creator?

1) The creativity 2) The friends I’ve made 3) The community I’ve built

3. Tips for people who aspire to be a part-time content creator like you?

Just do it!! The risk is worth the reward. Plus it’s so much fun ◡̈

4. A challenge & a surprise, along the way as a content creator ?

Challenge: Staying inspired and motivated to post consistently. I really have to remind myself why I started doing this in the first place.
Surprise: How long I’ve been doing it for!

5. How often you thrift and also name 2 -3 shops you always go in LA?

I don’t thrift too often (mostly because my parents are against it— Chinese superstitions!), so if I do it’s maybe 3-4 times a year. I love a good Savers or Crossroads run though!

                                             Shirley @Classifiedcloset wears the dress by Róu So

Quick question

1. You like wearing
👖 or 👗 more? Pants

2. Hong Kong food you miss the most when you are in the states? How affordable and accessible all the buns are😭

3. Western style cafe or dim sum? dim sum! but I do love a good macaroni soup

4. How many day you are actually working on your video? Only a few times a week

5. After travel for all places you visit,Which is place you still miss the most ? I always miss Asia whenever I go back to the states! Either that or Paris ◡̈



        Shirley @Classifiedcloset wears the set by Róu So


          Shirley @Classifiedcloset wears the dress by Róu So

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